Nico Cerni Associates

Product Outsourcing


Why our product sourcing and business development service could be of interest to you:

  • This far you have sold and distributed locally manufactured products in your home market. You are interested in developing contacts and and long-term relationships with foreign manufactures whose products you could import.
  • Our international product sourcing service is aimed at increasing your sales in your home market through international sourcing.
  • We offer professional product sourcing assistance in connecting you with foreign manufactures with whom you may be interested in working with as their representative, distributor, agent or even joint-venture partner.
  • Our multilingual product sourcing services aid you in your search for foreign suppliers.


Your firm is searching for foreign suppliers and manufacturers. We are professionals in the field of international sourcing and can assist you in your business development abroad and reduce your purchasing expenses through the development of new foreign suppliers.

If you are looking for supplier sourcing assistance to locate foreign manufacturers across the globe, our multi-lingual supplier sourcing team from over 25 different countries provides the best chance for your company.

Our services provide the most efficient method to find new foreign manufacturers, suppliers or purchasing opportunities for your business procurement abroad and help you remain competitive in the international market.