Nico Cerni Associates

What our clients say about us:

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.
Nicolo Cerni Associates were extremely helpful in locating important technologies in USA, and in support of our alternative energy – sustainable growth discovery effort, your assistance was an essential ingredient for success.
Dr. L Facchinetti
Major of Lumezzane Community Council, Town Government Industrial Development Council (2002 after the Gold Coast Innovation Center Mission, to California, Odeon Theatre Conference)
As a manager to our company for four years, Nicolo Cerni has consistently provided the highest calibre of services … from introducing us into the Eastern European Residential, Commercial and Industrial HEVAC markets, linking up with international contracting companies to identifying and evaluating various technologies and market opportunities and facilitating meetings with potential investors…he has also been invaluable as an intermediary in our dealings with academic consultants and business associates …

Mr. Nicolo’ Cerni ‘s efforts on our behalf are characterised by a high degree of professionalism, dependability and efficiency.
Hugh Turner
Manager Distribution , TRANE WABCO WESTINGHOUSE, Hoofdorp NL, 1994 Bruce Achenbach, World Manager Unitary, TRANE AMERICAN STANDARD
We utilized NCA to provide an understanding of telemetry services in Europe and to negotiate complex transactions for automated meter reading clients….NCA’s particular talents lie in its range of contacts, scope of vision and industry overview….they have provided thoughtful and precise oversight on all projects and their impeccable industry knowledge has been integral to our goals
Guido Meggiorin
President and CEO of MEggiorin Group of Companies, Brescia 1999-2001
After many years of working with Nicolo´Cerni , I realise that NCA stands for Discernment, Courtesy and Achievement.
Ing. H. Schleicher
CEO of Security Schleicher, Lipsia, Germany
Your assistance has been an excellent add up to our product marketing management.
Bud Fini
Marketing Manager of Remington DU PONT (De Nemours) Ilion, Delaware
We have worked with NCA since 1983 and in 1985, NCA became our export manager and exclusive representative in the world. Our expectations regarding NCA have been exceeded by Mr. Cerni’s talents and enthusiasm.

Mr. Cerni’s creativity and responsiveness to our activities involving complex customer care and acquisition ( i.e. Dynamit Nobel and Remington Du Pont ) technology acquisitions and financial transactions ensure a long-term working relationship to any company with strong global ambitions.
Giovanni Gamba
President of Armerie Gamba FLLI, Gardone Val Trompia, Italy
I have worked with Nicolo’ Cerni for many years and on numerous assignments. The projects have ranged from complex cross border M&A and refinancing transactions, to commercial and business development arrangements. Professionally I have always gained great satisfaction from working with Nico and I know this is the case with the other professionals involved. Nico has a wealth of experience across the globe with a network to match and will always bring an extra value added dimension.
Oreste Bottaro
Chief Engineer at INNOVA , Senior Engineer at OLIMPIA and ELECTRA Milan & owner of 15 world patents
There is hardly nothing that Mr N Cerni has not performed to our full satisfaction, his banking job rotation was fast and rich of experience , we regret he decided to leave us.
Silvano Rottigni
Branch Director of Board, & Sergio Travostino, HR Manager at CREDITO ITALIANO Milano, Brescia, 1983
Mr N. Cerni, after being a very fair head-on competitor to us in Èastern Europe, has been a brilliant organizer and and excellent front line manager in both our Polish and Austrian operations, I would have liked to have him on board much longer.
Dr. Ing. John Bauer
General Manager RAC Conditioners, YORK INTERNATIONAL REFRIGERATION , Vienna, 1994
Nico Cerni, became familiar with satellite telemetry only very recently, in spite of that he was able to deploy an impressive dynamism, precision and business growth in such a limited time spell with no disadvantage for the quality of service. His acquisition of railway companies as clients was an excellent specimen of fast response and efficient focus in a Hi Tech environment.
G. Pierobon
Managing Director fo Skye Eye Corp, Toronto Canada 2003
Our company owes an acknowledgement to Mr N Cerni for achieving very good organisation and managerial results in our residential segment and for establishing a long lasting relation to european key accounts, based on trust, confidence and a cooperative mind.
T. Asaki
(CEO Euroep), S Pestarini (Chief Engineer), HITACHI Industrial, Malta Convention, 1991, Milan Liscate Factory
As President of Global PV specialists, I am pleased to provide a reference for Nicolo Cerni Associates. I have worked with Mr Cerni as his principal for over three years on various projects ranging from RHS Rice Hull Silicon, Quartz Sand Silicon QSS, Mr Cerni and his company have performed each task in a timely and effective manner, and, in each case, beyond my expectations. The quality of his work and timeliness for which it was delivered has been outstanding, and we continue to work with Mr Cerni for many future projects.
Howard Somberg
President of Global Photovoltaics Specialists Inc., Chatsworth CA USA, , December 2009
I think N Cerni is a very fair and capable business development advisor, his knowledge and experience of the renewable energy technologies were gained in a relatively short span of time, nevertheless N Cerni was able to play a key role in counselling the industry on our A-Si and Micromorph products in a very successful manner. I would recommend his service to anybody as a very producgtive addition to corporate management.
Kai Michaelsen Pfalz
McCormick Corporate Advisors, New York