Nico Cerni Associates


Examples of our assignments include:

Licensing technology

NCA advised the management of a California based, US solar light technology company. We advised in the early stage funding and formation of the company, assisted in the development of a number of the company’s lighting equipment and arranged licensing and distribution agreements.

European Business Development

NCA advised the Chairman of an Italian hand held weapons group based in New York on the development of a marketing and distribution strategy for replicating the company’s domestic success in export markets.

Intellectual Property Assignment

NCA conducted an investigation on behalf of a government agency to identify commercially attractive university research. We advised the managing board on identifying, protecting and commercially exploiting the inherent value of the intellectual property.

Acquisition Program

NCA advised the management of a Northamerican ( Canadian ) multinational corporation on the creation of a satellite telemetry service strategic business unit in Switzerland. We subsequently identified suitable acquisition targets consistent with the company’s strategy and successfully executed the first acquisition.

Due Diligence

NCA advises on technology and marketing due diligence.


NCA advised a holding group with Italian air conditioning manufacturing facilities. We controlled the divestiture of a subsidiary whose early stage products were found to be no longer consistent with the strategic direction of the quoted parent.

Marketing and Distribution

NCA advises the management of companies in North America, Europe, Asia and around the Pacific rim on the exploitation of their intellectual property and the marketing and distribution of their products in export markets.

Technology Acquisition

NCA is retained by the heads of new product development in several international companies to identify technology, process and product opportunities.

Venture Capital

NCA advises risk capital and asset managers in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK on managing their technology based investment portfolios and developing suitable exit strategies.


NCA advised the Directorate of a Russian government-owned titanium industrial production grouptory on the sale and reengineering of one of its manufacturing facilities.

Professional Practices

NCA advises the partners of professional practices on business development strategies.

Large organized distribution business development and acquisition

NCA advises producers of consumer goods and foodstuffs to set up sales reps or diealers networks in strategic markets.