Our Essence

The essence of Nico Cerni Associates is its people. Their skills and commitment are amplified by NCA's unique international business network, creative flair and management excellence.

NCA is:

  • energetic, proactive and innovative.
  • clear and direct.
  • results driven and has the tenacity and resources to bring business development initiatives to fruitful completion.
  • highly experienced in the management of people, change and the business development process.

NCA has:

  • specialist expertise in durables and semi durables marketing, the sciences and new technology industries.
  • global experience, reach and capabilities.
  • a proven record of catalysing creative relationships.

NCA is currently represented in these locations:

Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Russia, Ukrania

Turkey, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shangaj

United States
California, Florida

Mexico, Colombia, Brasil, Chile

Morocco, South Africa, Egypt

All our representative offices are run by well-konwn, highly reputed associate partners with not less than fifteen years of senior, board management and entrepreneurial experience.
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